Near the ducal park in Agliè, not far from the house of Guido Gozzano and his famous and much visited "Meleto", you’ll find the Silva Winery. The vineyards stretch for 12 hectares across the surrounding hillsides, a landscape of soft green hills typical of the Canavese. This is the best land for producing the local wines, of which Stefano and Giovanni produce a small but highly select number.

"Wine is a mixture of humour and light"
Galileo Galilei
(1564 – 1642)

The Silva family has been producing wine for three generations, and has been in the bottled wine market since 1994, achieving a reputation for quality in just a short time. The vineyards are located on the surrounding hillsides, sheltered from the wind and receiving plenty of sun throughout the year, so that at harvest time they yield ripe grapes ideal for winemaking. Passion, tradition, freedom, fresh air and life enable us to offer a modest yet unique sense of well-being to whoever tastes our wine.

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Red & Co

Nebbiolo, Barbera and Cantagrì go very well with intense and celebrated dishes:
Tajarin pasta (thin Piedmontese tagliatelle) with truffles,
Agnolotti del Plin (small Piedmontese ravioli) in a roasted meat sauce,
Braised beef or veal cooked in Barbera wine, Arrosto di scaramella (roasted breast of beef),
Braised sausage in red wine,
a platter of mixed cured meats.
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White & Co

Erbaluce and Spumante are best enjoyed with delicate flavours:
Salmon cooked in Erbaluce wine and pink pepper,
Lobster steamed over "Martinotti Method" Spumante,
Risotto with oysters, "Traditional Method" Spumante and orange,
Seafood soup,
Rabbit in lemon,
Ratatouille made with seasonal vegetables.
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Passito & Co

Passito wine goes well with food, or on its own. Excellent with:
Blue goat’s cheese canapé,
Mini bruschettas with lard, pears, gorgonzola and honey,
Celery boats and gorgonzola,
Castelmagno cheese with Tropea onion compote,
Torcetti biscuits from Agliè.