Wine makers for 3 generations, producers since 1994. Uncle and nephew Giovanni and Stefano bring you the Silva Winery, in a land traditionally well-suited to grape alchemy: the Canavese Silva wines are created from 12 acres of rolling morainic hills, under a mesmerizing sky. The winery is in a picturesque location: to the east it borders the park of the Ducal Castle of Aglié, while to the west we can explore the rural locations that inspired the ‘gentle poet ’Guido Gozzano.

Which in turn inspired the ‘Erbaluce di Caluso Passito Poetica’ .
All our grapes are picked by hand and,to this day,our harvests are accompanied by the singing of songs. Stefano, the youthful spirit of Silva wines, will be only too pleased to welcome you into his domain: winemaking. The entire process of transforming grapes into wine is supported by sophisticated technology that guarantees the highest standards during bottling and aging. Because the quality of our wines is a simple fact, and our talent is our passion. Silva Vini. Come and discover us.

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The Canavese

Castles, royal palaces, ancient churches and shrinesalong withcharming Art Nouveau villas are set against a breath-taking natural landscape: magnificent mountains, stunning lakes, gently-rolling hills and open countryside are what make up the Canavese - an area comprising 120 towns that is one of the most beautiful regions of Piedmont.

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The grape

The grape variety which best represents our regionis Erbaluce. Of Greek origin, the grape produces special wines in our region. Erbaluce is avigorous grape with very low basal fertility.The clusteris medium in size, cylindrical and rather long in shape; the grapes are spherical with a thick skin,and when ripe turn a special golden colour if well-exposed to the sun. Thanks to these characteristics, the grape gives structured white wines, excellent spumanti and passito (raisin) winesof exceptional quality. Since 2009, the name ‘Erbaluce di Caluso’ has been awarded worldwide protection by associating it with a geographical name. This legal achievementis a source of great pride, demonstrating that this grape variety is universally recognized as tied to our land.

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The region

Vine cultivation in the Canavese region dates back to ancienttimes, and certainlyto before these lands were conquered by the Romans, who defeated the indigenous ‘Salassi’ population under consul Terenzio Varrone. Two key factors have enabled the area to develop such an ancient agricultural tradition: the hilly landscape, created during the ice age and made up of gently-rolling hills (moraines), formed from the surface crust of the mountains of the Aosta Valley brought down by the glaciers. This is alandrich in minerals, which it owes to the rocks and sands created by the movement of the ice. The climate is especially mild, with average annual temperatures just under 13°C, peaking at 25°C in August, a very important month for grape maturation.